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Hi, my name is Olia. I’m a stay at home Mom to 2 beautiful munchkins – “Bailey Bug” who is 2 and “lil B” who is 9. I’m happily married to my husband Bryan who is all brains behind technical side of this website.

My real saving money journey began in 2011 when my husband retired from Air Force and started his own business. That same year we also had our little girl and I became a stay at home mom. As a result we went from earning stable paychecks every week to only living on money my husband made as a new business owner. Even though I never was a big of a spender at that time I definitely had to begin to manage money much more wisely.

It wasn’t all about coupons at first. I was more focused on sales at my favorite stores so I can still buy some things I liked. I also tried to save money on baby food, diapers, and groceries. Only later, when I discovered coupon sites, coupon clipping has begun. Coupons allowed me to save money on a lot of products, anything from cereal and pizza to toilet paper and diapers. Plus, many times I was able to get some items for FREE!

Every day I stumble across amazing deals online, I find freebies and do some coupon matchups. My site is an attempt to bring the best of what I find to you. I hope you like what I do and hang here for a while wink